Your GP or another healthcare professional may ask you for a stool, urine or other sample to help them diagnose or rule out a particular health condition. Once you have collected your sample you should bring it to London Road Surgery or Elstow Medical Centre.

Your sample needs to be clearly labeled and stored appropriately. In most circumstances a sample pot will be provided to you to use, if this does not occur then a small, clean, washed pot will be accepted for urine samples but for stool or sputum sample you will be required to collect the appropriate pot from the surgery. Your sample needs to be brought to the surgery within the appropriate timeframe, this will be dependent on which sample has been requested.

If agreed by a GP or healthcare professional your sample can be posted through the letterbox at London Road Surgery. To do this the sample must have a labelled bottle, a completed form and be in a sample bag.

If your urine sample requires a dip stick test, a medical receptionist can take this from you for an appropriate healthcare professional to carry out the dip stick test, and to put in it in the correct bag with the form enclosed.

You are only required to bring a sample to the surgery if a GP or healthcare professional has requested you to do so.

Some helpful information: